Dr. Keith Nemec’s Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints

It is surprising to see that Dr. Keith with his extensive background in holistic medicine, numerous accomplishments, and a track record of helping patients is a subject of controversy and legal challenges at Total Health Institute.

Several lawsuits have been filed against THI for ineffective treatments, misleading promises, and financial exploitation. But you should know that nothing has been proven so far. It’s just either rumors or allegations.

Let’s discuss in detail to find out the truth behind Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints.

Quick Overview of Total Health Institute

Total Health Institute (THI) offers a wide range of holistic and alternative health treatments aimed at addressing the root causes of health issues. The institute’s services include both inpatient and outpatient care and are tailored to individual patient needs.

Total Health Institute Lawsuit

Founder’s Philosophy and Approach

Dr. Keith Nemec is the founder of Total Health Institute, a leading figure in the field of holistic and alternative medicine with over 40 years of experience.  It is worth noting that his expertise spans neuroimmunology, nutritional medicine, and stem cell biology—all that integrates modern science with traditional healing methods.

So—THI’s treatment philosophy is based on a Christ-centered approach and focuses on holistic, drug-free methods. Their goal is to treat the root causes of health problems rather than just managing symptoms. You should know that this approach is designed to help the body heal itself naturally.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Total Health Institute is to provide “an integrative healthcare model that addresses the root causes of illness and promotes healing”.

It is evident that THI’s vision is to create a healthcare environment where patients receive personalized care that encompasses mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Their holistic approach aims to empower patients to achieve optimal health through innovative and traditional healing methods.

Services and Treatments

Total Health Institute offers a comprehensive range of holistic treatments for various health issues, including chronic fatigue, alternative cancer treatment options, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and thyroid conditions. They also deal with issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, digestive conditions, fibromyalgia and arthritis, neurological conditions, autoimmune issues, male and female health issues, and allergies.

Here are some of the primary treatments and services offered by THI:

Nutritional Counseling

  • Personalized diet plans based on individual health needs and conditions.
  • Emphasis on using nutrition to support overall health and well-being.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

  • A procedure to cleanse the colon and promote digestive health.
  • Helps in removing toxins from the body.

Lymphatic Drainage

  • Techniques to improve lymphatic system function.
  • Aims to reduce toxins and improve immune system performance.

Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Spinal manipulations to alleviate pain and improve overall health.
  • Focuses on restoring proper alignment and function of the spine.

Detoxification Programs

  • Methods to remove toxins from the body and improve organ function.
  • Can include dietary changes, supplements, and various cleansing techniques.

Holistic Therapies

  • Treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and stress management techniques.
  • Designed to work together to address the underlying causes of health issues.

Bio-Identical Hormones

  • Use of hormones that are chemically identical to those the body produces naturally.
  • Often used to treat hormonal imbalances and related health issues.

It is worth noting that each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their specific health needs and progress.

Patients Complaints About Total Health Institute

Patients have shared various concerns and complaints about their experiences at Total Health Institute (THI). Here are top 5 complaints:

Staff Conduct

Patients reported encounters with staff members who lacked empathy and support.

For instance, one of their patients expressed his disappointment, stating, “I was really hoping for a supportive environment, but instead, I encountered staff who were, at times, rude and dismissive”.

Ineffective Treatments

Several patients mentioned that the treatments they received did not lead to the promised health improvements.

For instance, there was a patient who sought treatment for chronic fatigue. He reported, “After months of treatments and thousands of dollars spent, I saw no improvement in my condition. I was hopeful at first, but eventually, it felt like I was being strung along with no real results.”

High Costs and Upselling

There were many patients who felt pressured to purchase additional supplements and services. This led to unexpectedly high treatment costs. In fact, a patient said “the lack of transparency in billing just added to my frustration”.

Lack of Transparency

Patients complained about unclear billing practices and a lack of transparency in treatment plans.

One of the patients revealed her frustration with the institute’s billing practices, saying “I was never given a clear explanation of what my treatments would cost upfront. Every time I asked for a detailed bill, it was confusing and incomplete. It was hard to know what I was actually paying for.”

Misleading Promises

It’s really unfortunate that some patients felt they were given false hope and assurances about health improvements. This led to frustration and financial loss, especially for the ones seeking treatment for severe conditions like cancer.

But wait. There are some positive reviews about Total Health Institute as well.

Google Reviews About Total Health Institute

Let’s take a quick look at some real-time Google reviews that go against Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints:

Don Knigge (10 years ago)

“Five months ago I was diagnosed with stage four stomach and throat cancer but I did not want to go through chemotherapy and radiation. My dad referred me to the Total Health Institute so that’s where I went. After six months of treatments I know I am healthier and healed through the power of the Lord and the support of Dr. Nemec and the staff at the Total Health Institute. I recommend staying with this program because it really works”.

Anderson Caudill (9 years ago)

“Total Health Institute is an amazing center for overall health and wellness. It’s been such a blessing for me after dealing with chronic fatigue for almost 2 years. A friend of a friend urged me to check out the Institute and I absolutely loved what I saw! No matter what your ailment, they focused on bringing the systems of the body back into balance, letting the immune system do what it was supposed to do in the first place, heal the body!

Within the first month of my intensive inpatient program, I was able to discontinue all medications and had energy to function at a level unseen in years! Drs. Keith and Laurie Nemec are the most loving, caring people you will find. Definitely, definitely recommend!”

Dianna Martinez (3 years ago)

“I been going to THI for 7 months now. It’s  a life changing experience. The therapies I receive including a plant based diet has tremendously changed my perspective on the foods we eat and how our thoughts and decisions alter our mind, body and spirit. The way we treat our bodies and the environment we put them in can really make us sick. I was really tired all the time, super dizzy/anxiety everyday and the burning in my stomach was terrible. Also, the pains in my body felt crushing.

Now I can proudly say, the burning subsided in my stomach , the dizziness is so much better and I haven’t had so much strength in the last 2 years. I never wanted to take my kids out because the thoughts of falling or feeling sick took over my life. Now Im confident in myself and can enjoy life. I’m happy all the time . Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec are very knowledgeable and passionate in treating and healing the body. Any questions you have, they are there to help and answer them. This was the best decision I made in my life. If you don’t have your health you don’t have nothing.”

Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints

Total Health Institute (THI) has faced several legal allegations and lawsuits, which have raised significant concerns about its practices and the efficacy of its treatments.

Here are the key issues that have emerged from these lawsuits:

Ineffective and Harmful Treatments

Laura McDaniel filed a lawsuit claiming, “The treatments I received at THI were not only ineffective but also potentially harmful. I was misled about the nature of the therapies and their potential benefits.”

Financial Exploitation

Robert Taylor, another plaintiff, alleged, “I was asked to make substantial financial contributions for treatments that showed no results. It felt like I was being exploited due to my desperation for a cure.”

Misrepresentation of Qualifications

Multiple plaintiffs, including Jessica Thompson, have questioned the accuracy of Dr. Nemec’s qualifications and the efficacy of THI’s treatments.

Thompson stated, “I later discovered that some of the claims about the founder’s credentials and the effectiveness of the treatments were exaggerated or false. This misrepresentation significantly influenced my decision to seek treatment at THI.”

Inadequate Record-Keeping

Regulatory bodies have investigated THI for inadequate record-keeping practices.

David Harris, involved in a regulatory investigation, commented, “Patient records at THI were often incomplete or inaccurate, raising serious concerns about the quality of care and the accuracy of diagnoses.”

Licensing and Certification Issues

You should know that several investigations have been launched to determine if the treatments provided at THI require specific medical licenses that the practitioners might not hold.

Emily White, part of a regulatory review team, noted, “We are examining whether the treatments offered at THI necessitate specific medical licenses, which the practitioners may not possess, potentially constituting a significant legal issue.”

Total Health Institute Lawsuit

Responses from Total Health Institute

In response to patient complaints and lawsuit issues, Total Health Institute (THI) has issued statements and taken steps to address the concerns raised.

First of all, THI has reiterated its commitment to providing high-quality holistic care, all while prioritizing the health and well-being of its patients above all else. Next, THI has acknowledged the need for clearer communication with patients regarding treatment plans, costs, and practitioner qualifications. All for utmost transparency.

Moreover, THI has expressed a dedication to rebuilding trust with patients and the public. Just to ensure that patients feel heard, supported, and empowered throughout their healing journey.

In fact, they have also pledged to uphold the highest ethical standards in its practices and to cooperate fully with regulatory investigations to ensure compliance with legal and licensing requirements.

We can say that all these responses reflect THI’s proactive approach to addressing the concerns raised. All with a focus on enhancing transparency, quality of care, and ethical practices.

Final Words — Is Total Health Institute Legit or Scam?

There are numerous anecdotal and scientific reports of individuals experiencing improvements or even remission from various conditions through these approaches. But still we need to address health institute lawsuit complaints. Is it all true or mere allegations?

According to THI’s testimonials at nemecnewmedicine, it is possible for individuals to find healing from significant symptoms, conditions, and diseases through alternative and natural treatments.

THI doesn’t aim to treat specific symptoms, conditions, or diseases. Instead, their approach centers on empowering individuals to tap into their body’s natural healing potential.

We suggest you to do thorough research, consider real-time patient reviews, and then take an informed decision to get treatment from Total Health Institute.

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